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Motivation Monday: I Met Claire Sulmers

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Happy Monday!

This past Saturday I had the pleasure of attending the Visions One Natural Hair and Health Expo here in Birmingham, AL.   This was my first time attending this annual event and I will definitely return next year.  

My main reason for attending the event was to meet the uber fabulous Claire Sulmers of Fashion Bomb Daily.   This has been a goal on my vision board since 2015.  Let me tell you why.  

Years ago, thanks to Google, I stumbled across a blog.  The blogger was a young black girl from Georgia living in Paris.  I instantly became a fan.  It amazed me to see someone similar to me in age doing this.  I was inspired by the fact that she was living her dreams. She wasn't stuck living the dream of someone else.  That was years ago (maybe eight or nine) and to this day I am still inspired by how much she has evolved.

Growing up I was taught to graduate high school, go to college, and get a good job.  The ultimate goal for me was to become an attorney with a posh corner office overlooking the city.  I wanted to have my own firm and ultimately retire from it.  I guess even then there was a bit of the entrepreneurial spirit within me.  

Reading blogs such as Fashion Bomb Daily, Necole Bitchie (now XONecole), and The Young Black and Fabulous showed me that there were other ways to make a great income.  I learned that if desired, I could take my laptop and work from anywhere in the world.  I didn't have to have caps on my earnings.   And I ultimately learned I didn't have to have a fancy title in order to impact the lives of others. 

I said all of that to say this...  I want to encourage you to do do those things that may be silly to others, but meaningful to you. Make a plan of action, step out on faith, and don't aanyone to tell you that your dreams and goals aren't good enough.  I believe in you. 




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