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My 100 Pound Weight Loss Journey - Chic and Fit

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I am Jennifer Hooks, creator of Chic Society Boutique and Chic and Fit. For many years I struggled with losing weight. I tried various diets and certain workouts, but I wasnt able to reach my desired results.  

October 2015 was the moment that all changed for me.   I visited  my doctor and had a health scare and I knew right away that I needed to make some changes in my life.  I started using Iaso Tea and my life changed.  I not only lost weight with the detox, but I also noticed my blood pressure and other numbers improved drastically.

November 29, 2015 I took a huge leap and started the Solution Kit which included Iaso Tea, Resolution, and Nutraburst by Total Life Changes.  This kit required I eat 750 to 1200 calories daily.   I had to omit the fried, sweet, and carbs such as bread, rice, and pasta.  I was so desperate to lose the weight that I was willing to try it out.  The first day was easy because the drops suppressed my appetite.  To my surprise I got on the scale the next day and I was down three pounds!  Within a week I'd already seen a huge difference in my stomach. This motivated me to keep going. 

I took the picture on the left June 2015 and the right May 2016. I am in such a different space not only physically, but mentally. I believe in Total Life Changes so much that I had to carry the products in my boutique. 

My mission is to help others look and feel their best daily.  Keep reading my blog.  I will post more of my journey of what it took physically and mentally to lose over 100 pounds from time to time.   


If you'd like help creating your own weight loss story or making additional money from home please message me at  xo 

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